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Top Safari Destinations in Africa

5 Top Safari Destinations in Africa

Do you love wildlife, are you the kind of the person who lives by the phrase saying “collect moments and experiences, not things” do you love to spend time in nature watching and taking photographs of wild animals then you must not miss the safari ride in the top 5 national parks in Africa.Find out best Africa tour packages before you start your safari exploration.

1) Kruger national park

“Kruger national park” is one of the most popular and the biggest wildlife sanctuaries in South Africa. It is sprawled in a massive area of 350km in length and 60 km wide. It is considered as Top Safari Destinations in Africa .Kruger national park is named after Paul Kruger (the then president of south African republic)who actually realized the need to construct a wildlife sanctuary to protect the wildlife from extinction and overhunting by poachers. It is one of the few wildlife parks where tourists can spot the big 5 animals Which include “lion”, ”elephant”, ”leopard”, ”rhino”, ”buffalo”.To experience Kruger safari you need to find out best south africa tours.

big 5 animals

2)Etosha National Park

Do you know what does the name Etosha mean, it can be loosely translated as ” great white place” in Ovambo language.“Etosha national park” is located in northwestern Namibia, Etosha offers a variety of accommodation options for its tourists, it is equipped with shops, restaurants, petro stations to facilitate its visitors to experience the safari rides without any inconvenience.The name Etosha national park evolved from Etosha pan which earlier used to be saltwater lake being flown into the Atlantic Ocean through this area. It is acclaimed to be as the largest salt pan in the Africa which can be visible even from the space. One can spot the huge number of animals coming over in herds to quench their thirst from the nearby waterholes spread across the national park.Find out the best Best Safari Holidays Packages.

great white place

3) Serengeti national park

Serengeti national park with its unique and rich biodiversity and ecological importance found its place as one among the list of world heritage sites by UNESCO. It is one of the most beautiful and natural safari sites in the world, which is visited by more than 90,000 tourists every year. The annual migration of 1.5 million white bearded wild beast and zebra at park  is a spectacular event to watch at Serengeti national park.It is considered as one of the best safaris in Africa.Find out the best African Safari Packages to get best safari experience.

90,000 tourists

4) Hwange national park

“Hwange national park” is one of Zimbabwe’s largest game reserves in terms of its sheer size. it is known for the highest population of elephants. This could be an ideal park for those people who want to go on a walking safari ride. safari camps here offer day and night game drives to the wildlife enthusiasts throughout the year.“Hwange national park” is located on the border of Botswana and on the eastern edge of Kalahari Desert.The best time to visit Hwange national park is in from August to October, where wildlife congregates around shrunken water holes.Find out Best African Safari Tours which include a tour of this park.

August to October

5) Okavango Delta

Okavango Delta is the vast inverted river delta formed when Okavango river flows throw an endothecia basin of Kalahari desert. All the water which reaches into this area is ultimately evaporated and transpired. If you are visiting Okavango Delta, the best time to visit this place is after June as local people dwelling here witness seasonal flooding in between the months starting from March till June. The unique ecosystem of this location helped it to get on to be one among the list of world heritage sites that offers perfect habitat for wide species of flora and fauna.Find out cheap Cheap Safari Tours to experience safari at your budget.


Kalahari desert