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Popular Honeymoon Destinations In Europe

5 Popular Honeymoon Destinations In Europe

“Honeymoon” marks a special occasion in the life of every newly wedded couple .it creates a Perfect time bout for couples to understand each other, nurture relations, celebrates those unique Moments together to cherish for a lifetime. Occasions like honeymoon need perfect destinations.Find out European honeymoon packages before starting a new chapter in your life.

Are you thinking of a perfect honeymoon destination, Europe is one such beautiful destination which Offers newly wedded couples with all that they need to celebrate their honeymoon in a memorable Manner.Find out romantic destinations Europe.


Greece is a country in southern Europe with Athens as its capital is one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe for a honeymoon. It  is also called by another name “Hellas”, in ancient Greece, it is estimated that the approximately 16.5 million tourists visit Greece every year which is more than the country’s total population making it one among the most visited destinations in the world, income earned through tourism constitutes nearly 16% of the GDP of the country.athens is the capital of greece and the largest city and there is something special in store for couples who visiting  Greece to celebrate their honeymoon .It is considerably cheap honeymoon destination. The green island of santorini, stunning ola village,megalochori village, the acropolis of Athens are some of the most visited places in greece. Easter is the most celebrated festival in Greece as the celebrations for Easter will start at least 2 months before the festival.

green island of santorini


Croatia is the eastern European country situated in the coastal line of Adriatic sea with Zagreb as its capital one who visits Croatia must fall in love with their tradition, culture, food and heritage. Tourism is considered as the major industry in Croatia and as per an estimate more than Croatia has received more than 12 million tourists in the year 2015 making it as one of the Most Romantic Destinations in Europe and is now planning its tourist base to 17 million to achieve a target revenue of $17bn dollar from its tourists, July and August are the most favoured months to visit Croatia.It witnesses a large number of tourist footfall in this area. It is one of the most romantic places in europe.Couples who visit Croatia should not miss visiting Dubrovnik which is an ancient coastal city built during the 16th century and is known for old renaissance buildings, magnificent palaces, old defensive walls and stunning churches, it  is also home to the world’s famous dog breed” dalmatians”.the country with the highest number of islands offers newly married couples  an opportunity to sail through its picturesque beaches to experience and celebrate the love.Apart from this Hvar island, Plitvice national park, Zadar city are few most visited places in Croatia.Find out cheap honeymoon packages.

  Hvar island


Portugal is a fascinating country for its scenic views, colorful landscapes, beautiful locations, rich culture and tradition, the  southern european country with lisbon as its capital situated on the iberian peninsula on the atlantic ocean bordering spain Best Honeymoon places in Europe It is said that much  of its tourist attractions are centered on algarves’ beaches, one who visits portugal should pay a visit vasco da gama bridge located in lisbon city is the largest bridge in europe which stretches over a distance of 10 miles connects both the northern and southern parts of the portugal.the other must watch places in Portugal would include “Algarve” for its picturesque beaches, tranquil landscapes of olive groves, historic sites etc, the port city for its fine port wine.The Azores for its volcanic island on Atlantic ocean and Coimbra city for its beautiful gardens and authentic fado music for music lovers.

                 volcanic island on Atlantic ocean


Italy is one of the Top Honeymoon Destinations in Europe it  is located on the mediterranean sea in europe has rome as its capital the city which claims to teach the rest of the europe how to cook is known for its authentic foods like “pizza”, “spaghetti” and “parmigiana”,.the naples city in italy is a heaven for art lovers as it is a treasure trove of art works and historic sites and the other most visited places in italy would include “sicily island”, “milan”, amalfi coast for its multicolored villas, lemon tree gardens, venice city and rome city.A gondola ride is almost required for a couple visiting the canal city of Venice as part of their plan.

     gondola ride


You know France stands in the third position next to united states and Spain in terms of tourists base it receives every year.  France claims to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world receiving 82 million tourists every year making it one of the Best Honeymoon Destinations in Europe The country which is known for its authentic and originally produced wines, perfumes and cheese has a lot to talk about makes it one of the most romantic places in europe, France is the venue for the most prestigious Cannes film festival Which will be held during the month of may during which elite of world movie making industry descends on the French riviera city apart from the city, Eiffel tower is among the  top most attractions in France the tower is epitomized as the symbol of France as per an estimate it is said to have that over 200 million people have visited the legendary Eiffel tower making it as the top paid destination, St Tropez city is a popular getaway for adventure enthusiasts who would like to participate in windsurfing, sailing, motorized water sports activities etc, the dune of pyla and palace of Versailles is few most visited places by tourists in France.

perfumes and cheese