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5 most reputed cruiseliner brands in the world

Are you planning to travel on a cruise liner with your family on your holiday vacation this summer, by the way, do you know what are the top 5 best cruise liner brands in the world.Don’t know, then this article might help you to choose the right cruise liner brand for your vacation.

Now, why late, let’s get into detail about each one of the top 5 cruise liner brands in the world right from their onboarding facilities to tour itineraries and much more.

Let’s get started with Royal Caribbean International.

1)Royal Caribbean International

“Royal Caribbean International” is a cruise line brand owned by Royal Caribbean cruises ltd.It offers tourists a choice to travel in 22 different cruise ships in 8 different classes exclusively designed and equipped with an extended range of facilities for the luxury of the passengers travelling in them. Royal Caribbean operates across 256 destinations across the world.It  has been accredited for having the highest fleet of cruise liners, among them the “Empress of the seas” built in 1990 with a capacity of carrying of 1800 people is the smallest one and the “ovation of the seas” built in 2016 with a capacity to carry 5000 cruisers at a time is the largest ship in their fleet.

“Empress of the seas”

2)Norwegian cruise line

“Norwegian cruise line” is a cruise line brand which started its operations in 1966.It is popularly known for its freestyle cruise experience it offers to its tourists to create and choose their own dining experiences by removing formal attire regulations and setting time for dining and other activities held within the cruise liner.Though its majority of the customer base belongs to America, it aims to cater its services to people belonging to other countries coming from diverse demographic and cultural backgrounds by letting them choose a cruise liner from  a bunch of 16 ships which operates across 80 destinations across the world which include  Canada, England, Hawaii islands, Caribbean islands, Alaska etc.

freestyle cruise experience

3)Disney Cruise Line

“Disney Cruise Line” is a popular luxury cruise line brand owned by world Disney company incorporated in the year 1966.Castaway Cay is a private island owned by the Disney cruise line where 60 Disney cruise line members live and work full time in the service of the tourists visit the islands.Disney cruise line offers an array of facilities to its customers to make them feel like at home.They include wifi service, temperature variable swimming fools,3d theatres, children play areas etc likewise they have something special for people of all age groups. One should never miss the flagship event “Pirates of the Caribbean” held on its fleet of ships Which displays spectacular pyrotechnics performance.

Castaway Cay

4)Viking Ocean Cruises

“Viking ocean cruises” is a cruise line brand which works for the parent company “Viking cruises” founded in the year 1997 and headquartered in Basel, Switzerland.It is known for offering world-class cruising experience to its customers through its fleet of 60+ cruise lines along the rivers and oceans of the north and south America, the Caribbean, Egypt, Europe, Russia, China and southeast Asia.it went on to set a record for itself twice by christening the highest number of ships consecutively in 2013 and 2014.Similar to the Disney cruise line, Vikings also offers all-inclusive tour packages to their customers to make their cruising experience a pleasant one and hassle-free.However, unlike other cruise line firms, Vikings won’t allow children on board and there is no casino as well.

no casino as well

5)Regent Seven Seas

“Regent Seven Seas” which is formerly known to be as “Radisson seven seas”  is one of the best cruise liner brands in the world and also been in the news in 2016 as “5th largest ocean cruise ship” travel brand  in the world, this Florida headquartered cruise liner brand offers all-inclusive tours to its customers where they can visit any number of locations in between the destinations they choose to sail on any of  their cruise liners at no additional cost.Apart from this, they were also accredited for providing the best cabin rooms to their customers and people on board can dine in any restaurant ranging from poolside grill restaurant to high-end restaurants at no additional charge on the fleet of their cruise liners.

dine in any restaurant