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Best beaches in caribbean to visit

5 Most Popular Caribbean Islands To Visit.

Finally, you have decided to head out to Caribbean islands on your international vacation.But don’t know where to get started.

Don’t get fret up, Here we have come up with top 5 islands to visit in the Caribbean nation.


“Jamaica” sounds like some metal name right! but it’s a name of an island in the Caribbean sea.It could be one of the ideal Caribbean islands to visit these winter, tourists who visit this place witness rich fusion of people coming from different cultures and traditions from all corners of the world. it is the home to lush green mountains and Rainforests, apart from this it lets its visitors to stroll along its long beaches, take shelter in its protected coves, bath in majestic waterfalls, rumble over its rugged mountains and many more it has a good number of golf courses making it a heaven for golf players.Jamaica is also known for its all-inclusive resorts which are cladded in British colonial architecture making them one among the famous sightseeing places.and Bob Marley museum is another must watch places in Kingston(the capital of Jamaica) it is named after the reggae musician Bob Marley.

    Bob Marley Museum


“Bahamas” or Bahama islands is an island country in the Atlantic ocean is one among the best islands in the Caribbean nation.Do you know why this island is given the name “Bahamas”?The Origin of the word the Bahamas comes from Spanish language  which means “shallow waters” Going back briefly to its historical account Bahamas has gained its independence in 1973 and Since then it has evolved itself as both as a tourist as well as business destination and many businesses have established their branches over here as it is a tax free island.

      “shallow waters”

3)Saint Lucia

“Saint Lucia” is a country in the Caribbean sea which shares its borders with Atlantic ocean.It is located to the northwest of Barbados island to the south of Martinique island.it is one of the few island nations which escaped unaffected from the destruction created by the hurricane Irma which hit the Caribbean coast in 2017.st Lucia which is also known by the name “Helen of west indies” was recognised as the member of Commonwealth of nations in 1979.people flood to this island to catch a glimpse of majestic twin peaks”the petitions” which is a world heritage site.The other major tourist attractions include “drive in volcano” and numerous beaches and resorts located along its coastline, tourist also visits its capital “Castries” for its popular cruise port.Apart from that, it is also home to some of the finest inclusive luxury resorts in Caribbean islands where tourists get all the facilities which include providing lodging, boarding and other services at a Single price.

        “drive in volcano”


“Antigua” is one of the two major islands that make the Caribbean nation of the Antigua and Barbuda, the white sand beaches on this island are the best beaches on the Caribbean to visit.Antigua is also known by another name“Waladli” or “Wadadli”.Antigua is inhabited by around 80,000 people out of which majority of the population dwell in its capital city st john’s the place which is seen flocked by the tourists all round the year, it also houses a harbour which accommodates large cruise ships.Antigua Carnival is the most happening event celebrated on this island in between July to August Every year to connote the emancipation of slavery in the country.Nelson’s Dockyard, Shirley Heights, mount Obama, Dickenson bay are a few other must be visited places on this island.

Antigua Carnival


Grenada is an island country on the Caribbean sea surrounded by small surrounding islands. It could be one of the best Caribbean island vacations destinations to visit this year.The island which is known for numerous varieties of nutmeg plantations is popularly known by the name “spice aisle” which literally means the”island of spices”.St georges is the capital of Grenada is a town perched on a horseshoe-shaped harbour.There are so many beautiful places to visit on this island, among them, grand etang stands at the top.“Grand etang”, is a lake which is situated on a dormant volcano in grenade is a popular tourist destination as nobody has been able to find its bottom through sonar. The underwater sculpture park in Grenada is another popular tourist spot.

   “Grand etang”