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best palaces in rajasthan

5 Best Palaces to Visit in Rajasthan

Are you someone who is interested in architecture, do you have an explorer within you who would Love to visit places of rich cultural heritage with historical significance. Then you should pay a visit to the palaces of Rajasthan to quench your zest. If you are excited, don’t wait a moment to scroll down to know more about the  5 best palaces of Rajasthan right here below.

Let’s get started to know about each one of them one by one.

1)Lake Palace

If you want to experience the beauty of nature and grandeur of royalty at one place, Lake Palace Udaipur is the place you should head out, it was built in 17th century during the reign of Maharaja Jagat Singh and hence originally named after its founder as “Jagniwas”. The palace sprawls in a massive Area of 4 acres on Lake Pichola. The authentic gardens, fountains, pillared terraces and walls made of Black and white marbles let the visitors experience and acquaint with the royal living style and aesthetic Appetite of rulers of that period. The palace was later taken over by Taj Mahal Hotel and Resorts in 1971, They have refurbished the fort By adding new rooms and other facilities for the convenience of the visitors.

     grandeur of royalty at one place

2)Amber Palace

Amber Palace is the only palace in Rajasthan where you can witness the amicable bonding of Hindu and Mughal architecture. The fort which is known for its architectural prowess offers beautiful picturesque to its visitors during the night time in the gleam of lights. The extensive mirror work made in each of its courtyards leaves everyone spellbound, one must not skip visiting Shila Devi temple to catch the glimpse of a magnificent idol made of white marble and such Niwas to immerse in the magical experience it lets you go through with the help of water cascading built around the palace. Diwani I Am(Hall of public), Jai Mandir(hall of victory), the zenana(secluded women’s quarters) are other notable places to Which are worth visiting.

 gleam of lights.

3) Hawa Mahal

“Hawa mahal” should be in the top of your tour itinerary when you plan to visit the city of Rajasthan Hawa mahal which is known to be as the iconic palace located in the south of Jaipur city Was built using fine quality red bricks and sandstone in the 17th century by “Raja Sawai pratap singh”.The palace got its name from its construction style so as to create an air-conditioning effect Inside the palace using “ventura effect”. the exterior of the palace resembles the honeycomb of bee Hives due to its nine hundred and fifty three small windows called to be as “Jharokhas”The beauty of the palace can be vividly seen during the morning hours in the gleam of sunlight.The palace is being currently maintained by the archaeology department of the government of Rajasthan.

    “ventura effect”

4)Umaid bhavan palace

If you want to dwell sometime in a palace with the family of royal jodhpur clan on your visit to Rajasthan Then undoubtedly Umaid Bhavan palace should be your destination to reach out.umaid bhavan palace is the most celebrated and prominent palaces located in Rajasthan The palace humbly signifies it presence in Jodhpur city as the principal residence of the Erstwhile Jodhpur family and it was also adjudged as one of the world’s largest private residences It is said that the palace is partly co-owned by Taj hotel and resorts and the current generation of the Royal family of Jodhpur, if you have strong craving in your mind to touch and feel  antique pieces Which were in use during the reign of maharajas of Jodhpur.You can just walk into museum located within the premises of the palace Which showcases the vehicles, vases, furniture, clocks and other products used by the maharaja For enthusiasts who have strong love and interest towards antique objects.

         Royal family of Jodhpur

5)Deogarh Palace

If you want to stay in a palace with all the facilities you enjoy at your home Deogarh palace will be the right place you are looking for As unlike other palaces in rajasthan Deogarh palace offers an array of contemporary facilities for the comfort of its Guests which could include internet connection,outdoor pool and spa,complimentary bottled water Restaurant , minibar and gym etc The palace is located at a height of 2100 feet on aravali hills and  serves as the perfect place for Business meetings as well as a family vacation you can just stop by the palace If you are travelling in between jaipur and Udaipur to freak out.

   travelling in between Jaipur and Udaipur