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5 most popular beaches in goa

“Goa” which is known to be as “fun capital of India” can be seen as a melting point of different cultures and traditions, it has got everything to attract and delight tourists in its own way which probably Includes picturesque beaches, beautiful churches, delectable seafood,fun-filled casinos, colorful party boats, liquor, bike taxis and many more exciting things to watch for.It is the right stop for your question “where to stay in Goa?”.Go find out best hotels in Goa using online hotel booking.

Now let’s dive little deeper into detail about the top 5 beaches in Goa.

1)Baga Beach

“Baga Beach” is undisputedly one of the most happening beaches of Goa, which is located 30 km north of Panaji receiving highest tourist footfall among other beaches in Goa,people go crazy for shopping here as there will be continuous line up of shacks on the way leading to beach selling specialized items like handicrafts, artificial jewellery, lip-smacking cuisine etc.It has best hotels in Goa.Baga beach got the name as it is located at the place  where baga river amalgamates in to Arabian sea ,the beach is also popular for dolphin cruises where visitors will be taken deep for a stretch of 1-2 kilometres  in to Arabian sea  for dolphin sighting and you must be lucky enough to caught hold of a dolphin here and if you want to try a little bit of adventure you can try going for extreme water sports like gliding, parasailing, water surfing etc at this beach.

 caught hold of a dolphin here

2)Calangute beach

“Calangute beach” is the biggest beach in north Goa where one can witness the highest tourist footfall at this beach during Christmas and new year and during summer in may.The beach which is also called by another name” queen of beaches” can be seen as an extension of Baga beach. If you have an itching for underwater sports like scuba diving, snorkelling etc Calangute beach is the right place you should go for.“kerkar art complex” which displays and exhibits artistic works of Indian and foreign artists and Aguada fort are other popular tourist attractions nearby Calangute beach.

  kerkar art complex

3)Anjuna Beach

The first and foremost thing that you should know about Anjuna beach is the flea market runs on every Wednesday and Saturday from dawn to dusk, where one can get everything from “fruits to clothes” and “handicrafts to jewellery” of the best part about this market is you will also find foreigners running their stalls in the market selling their stuff.It is one of the best beaches in Goa.

handicrafts to jewellery   

4)Agonda Beach

“Agonda Beach” marks the end of goa territory, it is one of the pristine beaches of Goa which is sparingly populated by tourists. sunbathing, water surfing are a few popular activities taken by most of the tourist who comes to visit this beach.it is an ideal beach for everyone who want to spend some time by the side of the sea looking at the starry sky and listening the sounds of the crashing waves and experience the coolness of sea breeze.It has best beach resorts in goa.

          sounds of the crashing waves

5)Candolim beach

Unlike other beaches, Candolim beach is not seen overpopulated by tourists during the daytime.However the nightlife at Candolim beach is something which every tourist who visits goa needs to experience once in his lifetime, Candolim beach is replete with good number of nightclubs spread over its shore ,”Shiro nightclub”, and “club lpk” are few popular nightclubs at the beach ”sunburn festival” held in the month of December at Candolim beach is celebrated with fun, frolic, fervour, dance, music, food and other entertainment.

      nightlife at Candolim beach